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Dimitar Neshev and Antonia Neshev are professional artists who create inspiring wildlife images which capture broad audiences. Both artists graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria and have established themselves as successful commercial illustrators and designers. Their art has been licensed for all types of products by manufacturers all around the world.

Dimitar Neshev has been creating wildlife art for the souvenir and resort industry in The United States since 1996. He has worked as an illustrator and art director for leading printed apparel companies. For the past few years Dimitar has been working as a free lance artist from his Florida studio saddled on five acres which he has dedicated to preserving the wildlife.

Antonia Neshev has worked in the field of commercial art as a wildlife illustrator for over 20 years. The artist is best known for her design reproduced on the "Three Wolf Moon" T-shirt, which became an internet phenomenon and caused a global sensation. Presently Antonia Neshev works as a free lance artist. Her wildlife art continues to gain popularity around the world and can be seen reproduced on various imprinted products, as well as published as book illustrations and fine art prints.

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